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Summit Resources

Thank you for your attendance at Teaching Matters 2024. We hope the summit provided you with impactful insights that you can action in your role.

The following resources have been created for attendees of the Teaching Matters Summit. Please do not distribute without prior permission from Catholic Education Tasmania.

Jan Hasbrouck PhD

JH Educational Services

Professor Pamela Snow, PhD, MAPS

Professor of Cognitive Psychology, La Trobe University

Dr Jenny Donovan

CEO, Australian Education Research Organisation

Jennifer Buckingham OAM PhD FRSN

Director of Strategy and Senior Research Fellow

Dr Gerard Gaskin

Executive Director, Catholic Education Tasmania

Ross Fox

Director at Catholic Education, Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn

Tom Sherrington

Teacher, Education Consultant, Author, Teacherhead Consulting

Brendan Lee

Education Consultant and Host of Knowledge for Teachers Podcast

Rebecca Birch

English Teacher and the Director of Research and Practice, Queenwood

Toni Hatten-Roberts

Mastery Schools Australia, COGLearn

Dr Nathaniel Swain

Teacher, Instructional Coach, Researcher and Writer

Lyn Stone

Linguist & Author, Lifelong Literacy

In Conversation with Jan Hasbrouck, PhD and Dr Lorraine Hammond

Access the recommended literacy assessment tools below


Becoming the most improved education system in Australia

High impact teaching for knowledge, wisdom and service

Impact of Catalyst 2020 – 2023

Catholic Education Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn’s Approach to Learning and Teaching